Youth panel unravels the mysteries of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The Youth Panel was a dynamic and engaging discussion platform during the Safer Internet Day (SID) event in Viseu, Portugal. It brought together young people and encouraged them to explore their concerns and perspectives regarding artificial intelligence (AI). Young person João Brás shares his reflections on the day.

On Tuesday, 6 February 2024, during the Safer Internet Day celebrations in Portugal, I discovered interesting aspects of artificial intelligence such as:

What is AI anyway? 

So, we hear a lot about AI, but what's the deal behind it? Imagine having a supercharged brain inside a computer. It can learn stuff, make decisions, and even chat with us. Pretty cool, right?

Robot takeover fears?

Some folks worry that robots will rule the world. Hold up, people! Robots aren't movie villains. They're tools made by humans. We just got to figure out how to use them right, and not "get used by them".

Privacy and personal data

With AI, our data is always under the microscope. It's cool for personalising things, but it can also be kind of scary. Let's protect our privacy and know that what we share online stays online forever.

Bias and discrimination

AI learns from data, and sometimes that data has biases. That can tamper with the decisions it makes. We got to make sure AI plays fair for everyone, and implement mechanisms against discrimination.

Jobs and the future

People fear about losing jobs to robots. But guess what? AI also creates new opportunities. Let's get ready for those future gigs!

Ethics and responsibilities

AI is a powerful tool. We need to think and learn about the consequences of our choices. Like Uncle Ben from Spider-Man said, "With great power comes great responsibility."

So, everyone, AI is mind-blowing, and it came to stay, but we got to use it wisely. Let's keep learning and exploring this digital world safely.

Picture of Joao, young author of this article

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