Conference Content with Conscience: a reflection from our BIK Youth Ambassador

On Tuesday, 27 February 2024, Maja, our BIK Youth Ambassador from Poland, participated in the Content with Conscience conference in Brussels.  She was one of the speakers at the breakout session ‘Ethics of kidfluences, mom/dad influencers, and sharing’. She shares her experience and insights,  offering a unique perspective on the discussed topics.

I was honoured to have the opportunity to listen and actively participate in the meeting. I was pleased to be one of the speakers for the break-out session ‘Ethics of Kidfluences, Mom/Dad Influencers, and Sharing’. During this session, we discussed the importance of protecting children who are exposed to sharing their images online. We also talked about the positive and negative aspects of those actions and tried to emphasise the importance of children's opinions on their photos on the internet. 

It’s also very important for parents to remember that young people might want to create their image online and be respected and treated equally regarding their points of view. It was also a great opportunity to listen to influencers who create the online environment. Indeed, they play a major role in shaping our opinions and inspire us. 

Conferences like this, with youth participation, are very important and help make steps towards a better internet for everyone. Nowadays, the internet plays a big role in our lives, and working alongside people from different parts of the world can provide us with various perspectives and needs to create a better online environment. Attending such events is an absolutely amazing and enlightening experience! 

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  • Type: youth
  • Date:2024-03-26
  • Author:BIK Youth Ambassador
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