Seran's journey to SIF as a BIK Youth Panellist

Seran, a BIK Youth Panellist from Austria, shares her reflections on the Safer Internet Forum. In this brief glimpse, she shares poignant moments and insights from her experience, highlighting the impact of shared vision and collective effort. Discover the challenges, laughter, and connections that shaped  her experience.

At first, I didn’t know what to expect. A huge organisation that engages people from different countries across Europe. It presented a significant opportunity and responsibility at the same time. 

Each of us hailed from a different mother tongue and background. We discussed, debated, and learned from and with each other through this long process. Some days, we laughed and joked; other days, we were stressed or overwhelmed, but with the guidance of our peers and mentors, we could keep up with the work.

After months of effort and hours of non-stop brainstorming, planning, and productive work, we reached our final destination: Brussels!

The first two days, we worked tirelessly to finalise our work and clear everything out so that we were ready to rock and roll by day three, which was also the big day! While it might seem like we experienced a lot of stress and sleepless nights – which, indeed, existed – we managed to coordinate our efforts and make significant progress. Despite the challenges, we also had a lot of fun during these three days. 

We also visited the city and some nice buildings. But our favourite place to visit was the "Wolf food market". It is a big market/restaurant hall in which you can find hundreds of delicious dishes from different cuisines all around the globe. We discovered and learned more from each other; it was a great place and occasion where we all appreciated and enjoyed each other's presence. 

The big day came faster than expected, and there we were. We were dressed in uniforms, looking at each other and turning back at all the meetings and phases we had to go through to finally stand on this stage. Important people from numerous organisations, labels, and institutions were present. Speeches were held, crucial information was crossing the room, and with a blink of an eye, it was our time.

A great job had been done. Everyone played their part sincerely, and we finished with many rounds of applause and big smiles. Just like they told us – the time in Brussels flies by too quickly - the moment you finish celebrating your achievements and months of hard work is when you rush to catch your flight back home.

Suddenly, all these silhouettes started to fade away one by one, and we were done. But we knew that this was just the beginning…

We proved, not just to ourselves but to everybody in this project, that when our hearts and minds connect, we can create beautiful things together. 

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Seran, 19, Austria
BIK Youth Panelist 2023


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