Child safety in Tapei: Insights from the ECPAT International Conference

On 31 October 2023, ECPAT Taiwan hosted the ECPAT International Conference on child safety. Our BIK Youth Ambassador, Kathrin Morasch, a longtime advocate for online safety for children and youth, provides us with her insights regarding the conference and reflects on her involvement as a keynote speaker, sharing the perspective of the BIK+ strategy, youth participation and the European Union's rules protecting minors. 

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to participate in the ECPAT international conference on Child Safety in Taipei. As a longstanding Ambassador of BIK (Better Internet for Kids), I am, and have been for many years, deeply committed to the cause of ensuring online safety for children and young people. The conference shed light on critical issues and challenges related to child safety in the digital age, underlining the urgency of addressing these matters.

I was truly honoured to have been invited as a keynote speaker to this conference and to share my perspective on the EU BIK+ strategy, youth participation, and the European Union's rules protecting minors. Being part of this global effort to safeguard our children online was a privilege and a responsibility I took very seriously.

The issues discussed, from the influence of pornography on children to the impact of sexualisation and the importance of digital literacy, were of paramount concern. We learned about the alarming content and health effects of mainstream pornography, the need to empower children with the knowledge and tools to navigate the digital world safely, and the far-reaching consequences of sexualisation in media.

The discussions in the sessions only reinforced my commitment to promoting online safety for children and youth. The insights and expertise shared at the conference undoubtedly informed and strengthened our strategies moving forward. I was inspired by the collective determination and dedication of all the participants, and I was more motivated than ever to continue our work in this field.

I look forward to collaborating with the like-minded professionals and organisations I had the honour of meeting during the conference. Together, we could create a safer and more secure online environment for children, ensuring they can explore the digital world without compromising their well-being and safety.

See the Taiwan Safer Internet Day Committee - ECPAT Taiwan profile page to learn more about their work and initiatives. 

Kathrin (Germany)
I started working in the field of safer internet when I was still in school as a youth panellist for the National Awareness Centre, Klicksafe. I have been studying law and have developed an interest in digital law and politics. I was also involved in the launch of the Youth Manifesto initiative, which was an amazing opportunity for young people to have their say on priorities for creating a better internet for the future. The internet gives great opportunities, but we all need to learn how to use it in the right way. The idea of peer education and the fact that youth from every country in the EU meet up to discuss themes around online safety is one of the greatest things I can imagine. I'm lucky that I can take part in such great programs and meet such great people.

  • Type: awareness, youth
  • Date:2023-11-07
  • Author:BIK Youth Ambassador, Kathrin Morasch
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