Youth-led Safer Internet Forum and the BIK Youth Panel

This year’s Safer Internet Forum (SIF) will, once again, benefit from the insights and contributions of young people. To ensure a successful and engaging event, a Safer Internet Forum Youth Advisory Group (SIF YAG) and the BIK Youth Panel have been convened to help guide the preparation and delivery of the event. Within these two groups, young people from across Europe will work collaboratively in the coming months to deliver an event that reflects the current aspirations and concerns of youth when it comes to their online lives. 

The SIF YAG, comprised of 10 individuals from 10 EU countries, has been actively participating in online meetings since last month. Their primary role is to determine the title of the Safer Internet Forum, provide input to the agenda, and provide valuable suggestions for speakers and sessions.

Likewise, the 15th edition of the Better Internet for Kids (BIK) Youth Panel is currently taking shape. Bringing together more than 30 young people from 22 European countries, who are actively involved with their national Safer Internet Centres (SICs), this dynamic group will represent the voices of today's youth on crucial matters such as online safety, digital literacy, and internet governance. The group will meet regularly online in the early autumn months to start planning their interventions, before joining together face-to-face in Brussels in the days prior to this year’s Forum (taking place on Thursday 23 November 2023). During these days, the youth will finalise their awareness materials and rehearse their presentations, ensuring a polished performance at SIF itself. 

Collaboration between the SIF YAG and the BIK Youth Panel across the coming months will ensure that the event represents diverse perspectives and incorporates the voices of young people from across Europe. The young people will also co-host the event, ensuring that the various sessions of the day – such as youth-led table discussions –both challenge and inspire the gathered participants.

With the determination and dedication of both the SIF YAG and the BIK Youth Panel, we can anticipate an enlightening and inspiring session at the Safer Internet Forum 2023. By empowering young people to lead the way, we can cultivate a safer, more inclusive, and empowering digital world for all.

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