The European Year of Youth 2022 spirit: broad, inclusive and impactful

By making 2022 the European Year of Youth, the European Commission honours young people as agents of change and the bearers of ideas to build a better future. A future that will be greener, more digital, more inclusive and more peaceful. 

The values of solidarity, peace, unity, democracy, justice, dignity, security, and safety, rule of law, freedom and fighting disinformation are at the heart of the European Union, European youth cooperation, and the European Year of Youth. More than ever, and also in light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, now is the time to mobilise Europe’s young people around these values and to show solidarity towards Ukraine and its (young) people. 

The European Year of Youth 2022 aims to make a difference in the lives of young people. It is a major undertaking to boost the efforts of the EU, Member States, regional and local authorities to honour, support and engage with youth. This is essential, not only for this generation, but for the future of Europe. 

The scope of the Year of Youth must be broad, in order to cover all policy areas that concern young people, be it employment, education, health, climate, digital, and so on. Young people are invited to make their voices heard and participate in various activities at all levels, throughout the Year. Strengthening young people’s democratic participation and providing dedicated youth spaces in all areas of society is therefore key to maintaining a vibrant civil society in Europe. This is essential to promote our common values. Which is why the numerous opportunities the European project provides for youth are being highlighted and improved. 

How to get involved: the European Youth Portal 

Making 2022 an inclusive, constructive and ambitious year requires excellent cooperation, at all political levels. At country level, Member States have appointed national coordinators to organise their participation in the Year. Together with European youth stakeholders, they contribute to the design and implementation of the Year. To get a better understanding of what is prepared at national level, as well as to find out whether you can get involved, why not contact your country’s national coordinator? You can find their details on the European Youth Portal

But the only way to make this Year a success is for young people to contribute too! Go to the European Youth Portal and submit your youth-related activities on the map by using the ‘submit an activity’ button. Spread the word about the Year and raise awareness within your community, school, among your friends and help us reach out to every corner of the EU. Promote it by using the European Year of Youth logo and the hashtags #EuropeanYearOfYouth and #EYY2022 in your communication materials. Share your ideas and write to us at

Stay in touch because new features are in the works, including a voice recording platform: young people will be able to make their voices heard in their own words and express themselves on topics they are passionate about (from inclusion to education and training, not to mention the digital and green transitions), as well as on the topic of European values. This new, innovative, digital platform will take you on an exciting digital journey through the young generation’s visions of the future as you listen to their voice recordings. 

Follow the official European Year of Youth social media channels and stay up to date! 

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